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Velkan Valerious

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[16 Nov 2004|06:22pm]

After some time of basking in the fire's glow and reminiscing over the evening's events, I finally decided it was best to retire. It would make the morning come faster at any rate. Lithely I rose and made my way to the door and off down the hall. The flight up the stairs seemed easier this time, lighter, and I couldn't stop smiling for some reason.

"Good evening," I spoke merrily to various servants as I passed through the corridors, my hands clasped loosely behind me and a slight unconscious bounce to my step. I didn't even know what room she was staying in but knowing she was under the same roof made me happy for some reason. Bobbing down the hall I looked from closed door to closed door. Well, I could always find out. But she might be asleep already, I told myself and continued on to the end of the hall where the door to my own room lay. Yes, sleep would be good.

Once inside I threw off my boots and changed my clothes, not even bothering to close the curtains to my room, before bounding off to my bed and turning off the oil lamp beside it. Tomorrow was sure to be an eventful day.
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[05 Nov 2004|02:14pm]
"Oh all right. I'll leave you be. But I'm not stupid."

Not stupid? Angrily, I watched her leave and flattened my recently mussed-up hair back down. Brat. Anna doesn't know what she's talking about, I thought to myself, I hardly even know the woman. And I didn't. She was only a name and a face...a very pretty face. But I did have more important business to tend to and I had never once let any hint of a social life interfere with it. I wasn't about to start now.

I stepped into a room and took a random book from a shelf, setting myself down in a chair. I was supposed to be resting, wasn't I? In an attempt to distract myself, I flipped through some pages in the text, not really focusing on any of the words. It was useless. I tossed it over on a table and stood back up, exiting the room and travelling once again down the hall to the stairs. It would probably be hours before she returned and here I was feeling much like a prisoner in my own home with nothing to do but wait. I stood at the base of the stairwell, listening to a clock tick distantly through the otherwise silence of the hallway. For once there seemed to be too much time.

I needed to do something. Go into town and determine what had happened, how many were missing, how many had died. Figure out what went wrong and how it could be avoided in the future. Try and deduce the brides' motivations behind it all. I didn't like having to wait on Anna to learn these things for me. There was a process.

I had reached the third story when I suddenly felt dizzy again and had to sit down on the top stair for fear of falling. This was frustrating. I leaned my head against the wall and waited for it to pass before returning to my feet and continuing to my room. Perhaps I'd feel better if I layed down awhile.
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[03 Nov 2004|02:06pm]
I wasn't particularly fond of sending Anna to face the villagers. It had been my responsibility to shoulder the aftermath since father had gone away. Perhaps one of the worst responsibilities. Everyone seemed to react differently to death. Some cried, others became angry. Some questioned God. Some blamed me, my family. Others accepted it solemnly with little more than a thank you. In a way those were the worst kinds. As if death couldn't equate itself to some form of emotion. It was only healthy to mourn.

Then again I had become quite numb myself in the processCollapse )
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[22 Oct 2004|02:06pm]
There was no sanctuary to be found in a heap of old books. I must have walked around the entire manor at least twice, which was an extraordinary feat given the size of it. But finally I ended up back in my own with nothing left to do but sit and wait.

Earlier I had gone to the stables and asked if Anna had returned yet but there had been no sign of her. If she isn't back by morning... But morning seemed too far away. It was almost as if she were testing me, that it took everything to not go out looking for her. She was upset and being so when she left only made me question her judgement more when she was out there on her own, though she had every right to be angry. Perhaps some time away would be good for the both of us. And she would return. That was one thing I had to assure myself of. I just needed to stop worrying about her so much though it was difficult to do under the circumstances. Perhaps if I apologized again when she returned then everything would be alright, though something told me it was deeper then that. But it was important that we would be on better terms with each other before the hunt.

And that was where the problem was. The hunt. I knew from the start she wouldn't agree to any kind of plan no matter how I would try to reason it to her. Every time I came up with an idea she wouldn't "approve" of it, but every time I had come out of it unscathed. She seemed to think I had no idea what I was doing but I had been hunting their kind with father since I was fourteen. Yet still a part of me wanted to mend the evening's events and maybe the only way to do that would be to come up with a different plan. Maybe not entirely different but something. Anything. At least to put an effort forward just to show I listened.

I stood up from the chair I had been sitting in and exited my room, taking off down the hall and up a flight of stairs to the main library. There had to be something I could find. Scanning through the rows of texts I finally pulled a volume out and took it to a nearby desk, plopping it down with a loud thud. Research. Half my time between sleeping eating and training seemed to involve reading and I probably hadn't even made a dent in the vast collections we had, but I had plenty of time...and no time all the same. Thumbing through some pages I stopped on the chapter I was looking for.

There are three main classes of animal traps: enclosing, arresting, and killing...
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[17 Sep 2004|01:13am]
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We'll Find Our Way Out to Sea [29 Aug 2004|08:36am]
I paced around the interior of the cell lost beneath an exasperating shroud of my own making. I couldn't even die right.

In a fit of fury my fist hit the wall hard before the ramifications of the impulsive act even surfaced in my mind. But then with a wounded ego and the throbbing pain of my now abraded knuckles, I sunk defeated to the floor and for the first time almost wished that the moon would take me. I wanted to be free.

To forget.

My meeting with the Count continued to replay over and over in my mind. Why couldn't he have just killed me? Allowed me some kind of honor in my death from standing against him? I had stared the Devil in the eyes and he had condemned me to this living Hell. And perhaps this was my penance. I never should have survived the fall.

There had been many times I had envisioned my own death. The prospect of it had been deemed inevitable since I could remember and I had never truly seen myself growing old or even having a family for that matter, but I was all right with it. It was my birthright after all and I wasn't afraid to die. Some people saw that as courageous.

But I was anything but unafraid. And there was never a waking moment I wasn't, even if I failed to show it. I would lose Anna just as I had lost Mother. I would fail Father.

Father. He had been gone for over a year now and even if unspoken I was certain that both Anna and I had resigned ourselves to the belief that he was dead. But there had never been any proof of it beyond a feeling. But I wanted to believe more then ever now that he would return and somehow right everything I had managed to make so horribly wrong. But he wouldn't. I knew this in my heart. Or perhaps I was a bad son for having lost my faith in him.

I unclenched my hand and stretched it gingerly, the searing pain of where it had struck still lingering beneath the broken skin. The scent of my own blood and glisten of crimson flashed lividly through the dark. But it would heal. Even if my pride wouldn't.

"Tell me Velkan, do you wish you could be cured of your current condition? Do you wish that there was a chance you could be with your dear sister again?"

"Yes," I spoke hoarsely to myself in the darkness. Alone. Lost.

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Turn Away From Madness, Burn the Inner Light [12 Jul 2004|02:10am]
Pray for me as cheerfully as I slip into the nightCollapse )

I could barely stand beneath the weight of the chains that were now slipping off easily in my diminutive form. The clouds had moved again and I could never have wished more for a clear night or a swift sunrise. Every shift seemed more painful then the last as if the memory of it was fleeting. It was beginning to become unbearable and I finally understood why so many wished to die.

Utterly spent, I collapsed to the cold stone beneath me, almost soothed by its touch against my broken body. I was back inside the castle – that much I was certain. The night's events seemed like a blur of scattered senses: a maze of trees, the sound of dirt falling, the taste of blood... I wasn't sure if I wanted to remember it all. And then there was pain. I raised my head still adrift with confusion as to why I was so exceedingly drained. My eyes blinked rapidly as the world began to refocus, just in time to see the electrified end of some device heading towards me.

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Bound and Broken [29 Jun 2004|07:45am]
There aren't any words to describe the feeling. Beyond the pain it at best it is like falling over that cliff again except the plunge is taken within - like being turned inside out and drowning at the same time but the water has a sanguine viscosity of your own blood, sweat, and tears. There's a certain fluidity to it – of losing one's self only to have it rush back in a wave again – the tossing tides of an ocean I've never seen. It's both liberating and terrifying at the same time. There's a freedom to it but also a fear of losing yourself completely as you become nothing more than an observer of the world, trapped behind your own eyes.

There was a snarl and a loud growl followed by the ferocious snapping of teeth. The Wolf thrashed angrily against the tethers that had been thrown over him upon his return to the castle, biting and clawing at the initial ropes that were now being replaced by heavy chains. One of the Dwergi already lay lifeless in a pool of blood below him. Others began prodding him with long metal rods while trying to fasten the binds in a desperate struggle.

And that’s when the hunchback came, a twisted repulsive excuse for a human being. He approached the beast with a sadistic look of satisfaction on his face, waving a long metallic apparatus playfully about his side. The tip of it sparked and cracked against the backdrop of the industrial fortress.

The Wolf seemed to stop his struggle momentarily, curling back his lips to expose his long fangs in a challenge to the adversary, the chains clinking heavily against the stone floor around him. The gnarled little man mouthed something with a sneer at the animal before lowering the prod to a ready. His eyes glinted with a malicious delight.
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And I Will Hear the Wind [18 Jun 2004|12:18pm]
The Wolf halted at the edge of the woods. Frankenstein's castle stood before him beside the river, its assumed abandoned dilapidation stretching high and imposing into the night sky. His ears swiveled upright towards the wind momentarily. Somewhere in the distant seclusion of the forest he could make out the cries of other wolves. A lonesome howl, followed by another...and then another... He let out a small whimper, torn between investigating this supposed pack and returning to his master's call but he seemed to anticipate that he was in enough trouble as it was and pressed onwards. Up the hill, then a wall, and into the belly of the fortress; Within the confines the Dwergi still busied themselves amongst sparks and clashing metal, a cacophony of productivity. On the outside the castle appeared lost and forgotten, but on the inside, only Dracula knew what his plans were.
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The Echos There of Me and You [11 Jun 2004|01:44am]

I shed my skin once more as the memories flooded back to me in a torrid stream. The taste of human flesh still lingered heavily on my lips, blood, warm and metallic in the back of my throat. My hands, though now only covered with soot and dirt, in my eyes were stained red. They would never be clean again.

I knew I would have hell to pay when I returned to the castle but Anna was okay and that thought alone outweighed any wrath I'd have to face against Dracula. But like a moth to a flame I felt his pull on me as I headed obediently through the forest, all the while staring at the stars.
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Pull Me Out From Inside [07 Jun 2004|11:54am]
I knew it would be less painful if I just let it happen but I was never one to stand down from a fight; and I had to keep believing that I could fight it though in my heart I knew full well it was impossible. We had studied their kind. Werewolves. And hunted them actively; many had died by my very hand. Old men, women...children. Lost souls that at one time where no different from the rest of us. My father had taught me since boyhood to separate the man from the beast because how could you kill a man if he wasn't a monster? But none of it seemed to make any sense anymore. You are a Valerious, I told myself, You are not one of them. You are not an animal. Doubt only made you weaker. I had to remember.

I pulled at the chains that bound me in a futile attempt of resistence daring any of the Dwergi to even try and come within reach of me. A cold sweat emerged apprehensively on my brow as I felt my face begin to tighten. My body was no longer my own but they could never have my soul.

The clouds shifted silently overhead as I breathed what I believed to be my last mortal breath. Then the sickness overcame me - an icy chill and then a fire ran rampant through my veins. Anna, I'm so sorry... I began to writhe, my muscles becoming tense and sore, and within myself I was screaming. I was being eviscerated from the inside out. Through the fog and the sweat in my eyes, shadows of the Dwergi paused from their work and looked on through their faceless goggles; the hunchback Igor stood amongst them with an expression of utter satisfaction. I doubled over onto all fours as my senses seemed to dull into a blur of lights and sounds. Somewhere the Count and his Brides were probably laughing. I was a victory for them - the last of the Valerious sons and my sister would be soon to follow. And then the truth overcame me: I couldn't protect her anymore...I couldn't save my family...I had failed.

His body seemed to relax briefly before the plunge until he felt he could stand the pain no longer. The Beast was willing himself to come out and the man stood powerless against it.

He had to let go.

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Sing To Me in Exile [04 Jun 2004|09:27am]
I found myself becoming more and more anxious as time went on, my dreams beginning to become chaotic canvases of splintered trees and fractured memories. The walls were closing in on me.

Restless I began pacing again, calling out and banging on the walls for some kind of contact that never came. Was it day or night? I felt a need to know if only so I could be assured that time hadn't stopped altogether. If not for my condition I wouldn't even have been aware that a month had not passed yet. But I hadn't yet changed though a shadow of it continually hovered over me fortelling impending doom. It was as if I had been forgotten.

Hungry and tired, I slouched down in the corner of my cell eyeing a rat sniffing gingerly around my empty plate. It's movements were strangely intoxicating.
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And I Would Walk on Water [30 May 2004|11:40pm]
The Transylvanian Plateau, Transylvania. 1888.

There was a splash followed by the sound of rushing water. A glimmer of light refracted hypnotically above, flickering in and out through a silvery glass. He felt lifted, floating, suspended in a watery grave and completely content and enraptured in what only seemed like a final reverie as he drifted effortlessly downstream. So this was what it felt like to dieCollapse )

It was a good plan, at least I thought so at the time. In the past a werewolf hunt consisted of a group of us stalking the beast through the forest after sunset. This was a traditional hunt, just like tracking any other wild animal, but in the case of the wolves it usually resulted in at least one unfortunate soul being killed - the one unlucky enough to reveal the animal to the rest of the hunting party so that the remainder of us could dispatch of it. The death was always random. I thought we could avoid one this time.

My plan had been to use the old post in the clearing of the woods. In the past many of the superstitious of the village thought it best to temporarily quench the monsters' insatiable appetite with a human sacrifice. This was a barbaric practice, but one we could turn to our advantage. We would loosely bind someone to the post and then wait.

But there was more to it then that. The wolves were quick and cunning, a higher intelligence then your common animal. The person on the post would have to be wary. There had been volunteers of course, but I stood and looked around the faces and saw youth and age, fathers and sons, and what they would be leaving behind. Children, wives, families...people that didn't understand the risks involved. In retrospect perhaps it was in part defiant pride but if you want something done right...

I paced restlessly around the interior of my cell. Back and forth, back and forth... Dracula was up to something. I heard what could only be the Dwergi at work beyond my confinement, the sound of sparks and metal. Something industrial. But as much as my hearing seemed to have improved, I could not see through stonewalls.
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Dark is the Day [27 May 2004|02:17pm]

I slid uncomfortably back down the wall I was up against until once again I was seated on the floor. With Aleera gone there wasn't any need to keep up appearances. The back of my head, neck, and spine stung heatedly from where I had met the wall only moments earlier. Stupid. I had always been too brash.

But it really didn't matter now.
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Waiting in a Daydream [20 May 2004|01:17am]
The only thing that passes here is time and even that seems unmoving.

I am unsure of how long I have been here since I've been unable to see the sun for what seems like weeks. The only vision I have to pass the time is my memory of that look upon his face when he found me. It was sickening - he seemed to take such pleasure in what had happened.

The Dwergi have come to deliver food though their visits have become far and few between; I know he is keeping me half-starved for reasons I do not wish to think about. It's as if he wants me to resort to the rats and other vermin. But I am not an animal. At least not yet. It would have been better for him to have killed me but mercy is not something that Dracula understands.

There are others here; I can here them in the night talking to themselves in their own states of madness. But it is useless to try and talk to them and I know the full moon will be upon us all soon enough. May God have mercy on all our souls.

The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that Anna is still alive and well. That thought alone remains a comfort, though I know she will not come looking for me. But it is better that way.

All I can do now is wait.
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